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About Us

Established in 2016 by Kyle Smith in Simi Valley, CA, Eco Landworks has quickly barnstormed the landscape construction scene by building some of the most beautiful and functional yards in Southern California.

Kyle started out on his own by hustling for jobs and has since built a crew of dozens of talented masons and skilled staff workers. In 2021 Kyle chose to expand the business and brought in business veteran Scott Yahraus, a former satisfied customer, to help expand the business to new heights.

Currently Eco Landworks obtains work by being invited to bid on jobs directly from developers and speck home builders because of our attention to detail and integrity. Many architects contact Eco Landworks directly to work on their jobs because they know our work will be completed with the highest level of craftsmanship and that we are easy to work with. During a calendar year we will work on dozens of projects for homeowners who hire us directly to make their yard feel and look like a work of art.

Customers enjoy working with us because we can execute on both the hardscape and softscape components of a job; Eco Landworks is one-stop-shopping.

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